Varier Social Chair

More than a dining chair

The modern dining area is now used for much more than just eating. After the pandemic, there has been a shift to mixed use for work, play and socializing. Social® is a chair with a versatile shell form designed to optimally support the ever-changing dining area. Available with a base that can tilt or swivel, this chair is designed to best support the different activities that take place around the table.

Social® Turn is a dining chair that brings you closer to those around you thanks to its unique swivel feature. Social® Turn is the ideal choice for those looking for a chair with premium comfort and design aesthetics.

Let’s get a little closer

With its swivel base, Social® Turn allows you to move and interact more comfortably around the table. During lively dinners or a quiet breakfast with the family, it is easier to interact and communicate with those around you when a chair moves with you. Durable and easy to clean, Social® is well suited for everyday life.

Products that may interest you

Social® Tilt -Bend the rules

With its uniquely inclined base, Social® Tilt allows you to gently lean forward to focus and lean back when you need to rest or reflect. The multifunctional shell chair is perfect for those working at the dining table or engaged in other activities that require focus. Social® Tilt can even be used outdoors.

2023 Archiproducts Design Award

Social® Tilt was honored with the 2023 Archiproducts Design Award. In a competition with many remarkable designs from around the world, Social® Tilt received this award for its concept, user-friendliness, technical quality and functionality.

In addition to the design award, Social® Tilt was also recognized in the Archiproducts Sustainability category. This award recognizes designs that excel in the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

This project has been longlisted in the furniture design category of the Dezeen Awards 2023.

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