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With its sculptural and elliptically curved legs, the Geometric table is a table that stands out in your home or workspace and gives identity to your space. The subtle curve of the table creates a feeling that brings those around the table closer together. Although it consists of geometric forms and looks voluminous, it has a very soft line with elegant details. Material: Oak Color Options: Black Oak, Oiled Natural Oak Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth first and wipe off excess liquid with a dry cloth. ​ Height 76 cm Width x Depth: 220x100 cm / 250x100 cm
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Social® is a dynamic dining chair that adds different functions to the table, allowing you to move intuitively in any situation. Designed by Snøhetta for Varier, Sosyal® is made for use in the ever-changing dining area, where needs and uses change throughout the day. Social® is available in two product variants, each with its own unique features and uses: Social® Tilt and Social® Turn. Chairs can be mixed and matched to suit individual needs. Social® Tilt is equipped with a curved base that allows you to lean forward and lean back. The chair is designed for long-lasting comfort and is perfect for working at the dining table, kitchen table or other activities that require focus. Social® Turn brings you closer to the people around you thanks to its unique rotating feature. Social® Turn is the ideal chair choice for those seeking premium comfort and design aesthetics. The chair is made of recycled polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass and is available in six colors. Social TILT Size Height: 80.3 cm Width: 55.7 cm Depth: 54.5 cm Seat Height: 46.5 cm Social TURN Size Height: 80 cm Size: 55.7 cm Depth: 52.8 cm Seat Height: 46.3 cm Material: Glass fiber reinforced, recycled polypropylene plastic Color Options: Onyx Black, Winter White, Cream, Blue, Green and Red. Social® is available with an upholstered seat cushion for added comfort. Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth
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Variable™ is an ergonomic chair whose original design dates back to the 1970s, with knee support, which allows you to sit correctly and supports blood circulation. The curved legs of the Variable chair allow for gentle rocking movements, allowing the spine to capture the natural curve of the spine when standing and sitting upright. Movement is a basic human instinct, a fundamental element of a healthy body and a balanced mind. Variable™ encourages active sitting, so change positions frequently throughout the day, allowing the chair to follow your body's natural movements. Material: Natural Polished Ash, Fabric Upholstery Color Options: Black, Gray, Green, Red Upholstery Options: Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Advice: It can be wiped with a moist cloth.
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AROUND Coffee Table

The Around coffee table brings a new perspective to complementary products with a design that reflects Scandinavian design ideas and a thin, practical frame on the edge of the table top. With three different size alternatives and a wide range of color options, it offers different combination options in areas such as living rooms, waiting areas, hotel rooms and lobbies. Material: Oak Wood and Oak Veneer / Ash Wood and Ash Veneer Color Options: Oak, Ash, Anthracite, Black, Green, Gray, Dark Brown Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth first and wipe off excess liquid with a dry cloth. ​ Small Size : ø 45 cm h:46 cm Medium Size: ø 72 cm h:36 cm Large Size ø 95 cm h:36 cm
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EASE Table Lamp

Inspired by the shapes of traditional table lamps, Ease Lamp transforms this design into a portable size that can be taken anywhere. Ease offers a high-quality, adjustable, glare-free light with 3 levels, balancing between atmospheric and functional light. Suitable for use next to the bed, in the reading corner, in the office, cafe table, co-working space or library, Ease lighting is suitable for outdoor use with IP54 rating. The product comes with a 90 cm TYPE-C USB cable with charging station included. Battery-powered, dimmable and portable, with a battery life of 8 hours at 100% intensity, 16 hours at 50% intensity and 29 hours at 25% intensity. Material: Integrated, non-replaceable LED module, ABS Plastic, Acrylic Lumen Maintenance (L70): 52.000h. Lumen: 230 lm at 100% brightness. Kelvin: 2700K Watt: 4W
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Mere Bowl is a sculptural piece that catches the eye even when not in use. The characteristic shape is simple but ingenious; a line down the center curves sideways to form the bowl. Lifted off the floor by a separate foot, it looks as if it is floating. Made of ceramic, the Mere Bowl is coated with a high-gloss glaze that enhances the shadows cast along its curve. Suitable for contact with food.
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RIDGE Vase Studio Kaksikko — Muuto When not in use, the Ridge Vase offers a sculptural character as well as an artistic way to display flowers. The subtle indentation in the stem allows the flowers to stand upright, while at the same time serving as an elegant handle for moving the vase from one room to another. Material Ceramic Cleaning Instructions: The Ridge Vase’s outer layer is untreated with a raw surface. When cleaning the Ridge Vase, we suggest that all usage of cleaning tools, such as a scrub sponge, that can get stuck in the rough surface is avoided. If the outer of your Ridge Vase needs additional cleaning, we recommend using an uncolored brush, such as a dish or nail brush, dipped in bit of warm water. Not dishwasher approved.
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WABİ SABİ Oval Glass Tray

The Wabi Sabi collection of glass trays is inspired by nature. Designer Dawn Sweitzer explains: "Traveling through the Blue Ridge mountains, the landscape became almost a layered watercolor painting. The colors of sky blue, gray and fog layered towards the horizon. As the sun set, it took on a completely different color palette with the warm colors of autumn, sienna, sand and sepia tones." Wabi Sabi is about finding the beauty in the imperfect." Hand painted base - silk screen printed glass - wooden edge Dimensions: 71x36 cm* *Wabi Sabi Oval Glass Tray is compatible with Ethnicraft/TRAY Oval Side Table and can be used together.  
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TRAY Oval Side Table

The Tray Oval Side Table can be used functionally with the armchair, while mixing and matching various colors and patterns with different trays, allowing you to create a personal piece that is completely unique to you. Dimensions: Width: 69 cm Depth: 33 cm Height: 65 cm Compatible with Ethnicraft/Oval trays and can be used together. Material: Black Painted Metal Leg / Black Polished and Framed Wooden Table Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a moist cloth
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N701 Modular Sofa

The N701 sofa is an inviting modular sofa that evokes comfort and relaxation. By combining different pieces and sizes, you have unlimited possibilities to create your own unique environment. Thanks to its lightweight frame, it is very simple to move the parts and connect your modules with fasteners. Designed by Jacques Deneef, the product is available in leather, fabric and recycled fabric options and special colors. Material: Fabric Upholstery or Leather Upholstery, High Density PU Sponge, Wooden Frame Color Options: Tan Leather, Blue, Beige, Dark Gray, Graphite Blue (100% Recycled Cotton), Dark Green (100% Recycled Cotton) Cleaning Recommendation: Do not wash upholstered items unless clearly indicated on the label attached. Some items have an anti-stain treatment applied to the textile, if this is dry cleaned, the process will affect the anti-stain performance. Always pay close attention to the care symbols on the affixed label before dry cleaning. Avoid placing the item in direct sunlight. For dusting or removing crumbs take a clean cloth or soft brush and wipe down upholstery. Do not rub. We do not recommend vacuuming. If you do so, use the lowest suction and a soft upholstery attachment. Clean stains immediately. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Do not rub. In case of staining, use a clean, slightly damp white cloth to wipe from the outer edge of the stain towards the center. Do not use chemical products on your upholstery. N701: Width x Depth x Seat Height N701 Puff: 70x70x43 cm N701 One Seater: 80x91x76 cm N701 2 Seater: 140x91x76 cm N701 3 Seater: 210x91x76 cm N701 Corner Sofa 91x91x76 cm N701 Large Corner Sofa: 120x120x76 cm  
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Extreme™ is not just a chair, it is an art object in itself. Ekstrem™, one of Norway's first postmodern designs, is loved by design enthusiasts and children alike for its fun and assertive look. Designed according to the principles of ergonomics, Ekstrem™ is a functional sculpture that offers comfort and support with a soft and inviting surface. Dimensions: Height: 79 cm Depth: 70 cm Width: 72 cm Material: Steel Frame, Polyurethane Foam and Fabric Covering Color Options: It varies according to the fabric type. Upholstery Options: Knit and velvet fabric options. Upholstery Cleaning Advice:You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner at low power and with a soft brush. Wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the material vigorously, as this can damage the fabric and cause color loss. If stained, the spilled liquid should be removed with a spoon etc. and absorbed with an absorbent colorless napkin or cloth before proceeding with the cleaning process. Remove the stain as soon as possible. Apply warm soapy water in a circular motion from the outer edge inwards. In all cases, we recommend testing stain removers on an inconspicuous area first to see if there is any effect on the fabric or leather. Make sure it is completely dry before using it again.      
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NORDist is the representative of the most well-established and qualified companies of the Nordic countries in Turkey, offering the design atmosphere of the Scandinavian countries, which have a unique design culture and tradition, in a complete integrity from furniture to lighting and accessories. Scandinavian design has a very deep-rooted and respected place in design culture with its simple beauty instead of unnecessary and ostentatious ornaments, meticulous design in detail solutions, high level of craftsmanship in the implementation of this design, natural materials used, comfort and function elements together.