Zeitraum products in Luzern “Ampersand” Switzerland

Combining good things, that’s the strategy behind the “Ampersand” in Lucerne. As the name suggests, the Ampersand is not just a restaurant. It is barbecue & vinothek and restaurant & cigar lounge.

Architect Özgür Keles of Build Inc. Architekten designed the homely areas in the “Ampersand”. He wanted to reference the special nature of the building, with its strong Heimat heritage look, in the interior design, by combining the ornamental and clear shapes.

“The furniture Zeitraum creates are high quality and exhibit a pared-down, timeless formal vocabulary that blends well,” Özgür Keles says.

Traditional architectural elements such as arches and pillars add a classic look to the place, while anthracite and sage contrast with colorful walls and flooring, metallic details and warm oak.

Morph lounge chair and Morph stools from Zeitraum products …















Zeitraum products bar stool 1.3 bar, Nonoto chairs and Morph stools …
The Ampersand creates an international ambience in Lucerne


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