New Scandinavian Accessory Brand / MOEBE

MOEBE is a Scandinavian design brand founded by architect Anders Thams, architect Martin D. Christensen and architect Nicholas Oldroyd, furniture maker in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We keep things simple here, the world is already complicated enough.”

This sentence, which determines the design concept of the firm, is very clear about the firm.

Design has focused only on the fundamentals and on reducing the designs to the simplest forms. Always trying to remain curious so that they will always continue to create simple, honest and intuitive products.

The MOEBE team, which draws attention with its lean wood frames and plant prints, develops new designs in its Copenhagen studios where the best of the Scandinavian design traditions can be maintained in the best possible way, and the first series are built in their own wooden shops.


We are proud and happy to offer a good wide range of the very best and established collection not only from Nordic companies but from other lesser known brands with the same soul. Both private and contact clients are most welcome to our shop to find suitable solutions for thier homes or projects...

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