Scandinavian simplicity … Muuto Ambit Rail

Why do some forms attract more attention than others?

Muuto’s new product, Ambit Rail lighting designers Stockholm-based design and architecture office TAF Architect, has made the design look very lean, noting the importance of the form. Designers who say that it is a dynamic that creates an attractive contour between a linear and a rounded shape has captured this dynamism in Ambit Rail.

Ambit Rail is a timeless product that you will never be bored of looking at, according to designers who have studied fluids with a rigorous examination of materials and proportions during the design process.

Ambit Rail reflects Scandinavian aesthetics as an extension of Ambit lighting series, with a very simple and elegant stance. This illumination, which is the result of the modernization and daily adaptation of the illumination of the billiard table, creates an amusing illusion by giving the impression that it is floating in the air, thanks to the fact that all connections and cables are hidden and thin.


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