Hygge; Scandinavian Art of Happy Life

Hygge is a name given to everything that Danish people feel at home in the cold winter months, instead of negative thinking, positive thinking and the feeling of “peace at home” to support this idea. Being in warm and friendly surroundings, staying away from places that will make you feel nervous, being with your loved ones …

According to the Danish, Hygge is the place where we meet with our loved ones, to be in the nature, to feel the happiness like a hot drink that you take in the film while watching the movie at home and a soft throw over it.

Scandinavian furnitures and pastel colors make it possible to adapt this philosophy to decorations very easily.

Production of PP Möbler company, Hans Wegner design Flag Halyard chair is one of the best feelings of this philosophy.

Hans Wegner is inspired by a day spent in the sand to relax on the beach, and even the appearance of this design can give us a sense of tranquility.


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